Big Alice and her baby, Junior.


Grumpy fighting Big Alice

Big Alice is an Allosaurus who lives outside The Lost City and attacks anyone who enters the area.


Alice is known to guard the Lost City, often chasing after the Marshall Family whenever they go to near it. They later discovered the real reason she protected the Lost City was that she was protecting her nest, later seen in "The Test" when Cha-Ka attempted to take one of her eggs and she attacked him. In that same episode, her son, Junior, was introduced. Junior is at times shown with his mom, being taught how to hunt. There are no signs of Alice's mate in the area.

Big Alice would often attack Grumpy whenever they ran into each other and were defending their personal hunting grounds. Another reason is she is possibly just protecting her nest. However, once she and Grumpy worked together to hunt down the Marshall's.

Alice is one of the few Dinosaurs to fight Grumpy and live.


  • The Sleestaks know Alice by the name Selima, which in their language means "Protector" due to her role in keeping predators away from their eggs.
  • Many fans also believe that she and Grumpy could be mates, if so that would mean that Junior is a hybrid between Tyrannosaur and Allosaur.
  • After Marshall and Holly left The Land of The Lost, Big Alice may have returned to life by the correction of the Space/Time Continuum.
  • In the 2009 film, though that name is not used. An Allosaurus vaguely resembling Alice is encountered by Marshall and his expedition.

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