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One of Pakuni, Cha-Ka is the most favorably disposed toward the Marshalls. In the first episode the Marshalls rescue him from "Grumpy" the Tyrannosaurus and splinted his broken leg.


Cha-Ka forms a close friendship with the family, with Holly Marshall in particular, helping them whenever possible and occasionally visits the Marshalls in their cave in High Bluff.

Much of Cha-Ka's time in the Land range from his attempt to undergo the rite of adulthood where he must steel Big Alice's egg but it hatches instead to facing a mysterious being who saw him worthy of advancing on a intellectual level, resulting with him gaining the ability to speak near perfect English, play an alto recorder-like wind-instrument, walk and run upright, and learn to make fire. After being separated from Ta and Sa after the earthquake, Cha-Ka moves in with the Marshalls at the temple.

2009 filmEdit

Cha-Ka p2

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In the original series, at the beginning of Season 3 Cha-Ka became a permanent resident at the Marshalls' home.
  • Cha-Ka's understanding of the English language improves considerably by Season 3 of the original series.

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