Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 21, 1974
Written by Margaret Armen
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
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The Sleestak God
Dopey was third episode of the First Season. It was written by Margaret Armen.


Holly adopts and tries to domesticate a baby brontosaurus.


Rick Marshall has built a wheeled cart and the children are struggling to pull and push it along a sandy path through the jungle. Holly discovers an empty Dinosaur egg. They realize that the newly hatched dinosaur might still be nearby and might be hungry, and push the cart with renewed vigor.

They discover a grove of giant strawberries and fill the cart with their discovery. As pteranodons fly overhead, they drag the cart back to the cave they muse on why there are dinosaurs here. Will Marshall says that their father believes they have fallen into another universe, and there are things "from all of time and space" here. Holly wonders if they might find her lost toys.


Hearing a noise behind them, the Marshall children observe a baby brontosaurus behind them. Holly decides to feed her a berry, saying "she" looks friendly. Will says it looks "dopey." Holly retorts by conceding that anything that looked that dopey must be a boy, and the name sticks.

As Holly holds a berry out for him, Dopey chases after it and the Marshall children are intimidated by his charge and flee. Dopey, giving chase, gets stuck between two trees growing close together, and begins to make distressed trumpeting noises, alerting all the nearby dinosaurs, including Grumpy. Realizing they need to quiet him down, Holly brings him a giant berry. This is merely a stopgap however, as the baby resumes crying out as he struggles to free himself.

As Grumpy approaches, Holly asks Will to "think of something" to save the baby, but he replies "getting dinosaurs out of trees isn't something they teach you in boy scouts." Will and Holly try yelling at Dopey to scare him out of from between the trees. Finally, with Grumpy closing in, Will lunges at Dopey, screaming in exasperation, "Do you want to be dinosaur stew?"

Startled by Will's sudden display of aggression, Dopey recoils, freeing himself. Noticing Grumpy for the first time, Dopey turns to flee with Grumpy in close pursuit. Realizing there's nothing more than can do to protect Dopey, Will and Holly run.

Unable to run any further, Will and Holly stop to rest. Holly fears that Dopey has been eaten, while Will sadly tells her that it's just "the law of the jungle." They return to the cart of strawberries and continue pulling it towards the cave. Will notices that the cart is getting lighter and they turn to notice that Dopey has been silently following them, eating all the strawberries from the cart. Holly is happy that he has survived, asking "how could you be mad at a face like that?"

Back at the cave (which Will now calls the "High Bluff") their father is startled to find the children accompanied by the baby brontosaurus. Holly asks "can I keep him?" Since they have fed him, Dopey does not want to leave.

Later, Holly tries to train Dopey to fetch a stick, but he eats the stick instead. Holly later rides the baby dinosaur like a horse. She attempts to train him to pull the cart. He will do this if she walks ahead and holds food (leaves) out in front of him.

Late that night, Holly is awakened early by Dopey's call. She takes her sleeping bag outside to keep him company. Rick is awakened a bit later by Dopey's mournful cries, which again attract dinosaurs. Grumpy approaches the high bluff as the Marshalls ready a "flyswatter" and Grumpy is again forced to dislodge a stick from his mouth.

Dopey has survived and emerges from the jungle. Rick explains that they can't keep Dopey near the cave. Holly agrees to take him to the swamp because Dopey "belongs with his own kind" and it isn't fair to expose him to constant danger. Over breakfast, eaten from giant gourd bowls, Rick reassures Holly that she will be able to visit Dopey any time she wants. "Cheer up, honey," Rick tells her, saying "Dopey will be much happier there." After teasing her, Will reminisces with Holly about the fresh-picked strawberries they used to put on homemade ice cream, back home.

The Marshall family leads Dopey to Emily, a full-grown Brontosaurus, at the edge of the swamp. Holly tells Dopey that he must go, sadly yelling "I don't want you any more!" to drive him off. As Dopey approaches, Emily raises her head and nuzzles the baby.


  • "If you love someone, let them free."




  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dopey and Emily.
  • Dopey's high-pitched trumpeting (which nearly get him killed by Grumpy -- twice) is an artistic embellishment, as are all vocalizations from the dinosaurs in the series. The dinosaurs in earth's prehistoric past possessed no vocal cords and could not have vocalized anything. Dopey's vocalizations are especially curious since Emily, the adult brontosaurus, never vocalized anything.j
  • Dopey was actually produced by two means: stop motion animation for the full-body scenes, while a puppet was used for closeups with just his head and neck. The puppet, which gave Dopey an innocuous look, actually bore little resemblance to the head and neck used in the animation model.