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He discovered how to travel between dimensions




He is highly intelligent

Enik is an Altrusian, the more intelligent predecessors to the Sleestak that live throughout the Land of the Lost. He was pushed into the Land of the Lost by some unknown force long before the Marshalls. He has constantly been trying to find a way to get back to his time


Enik resembles a Sleestak, but is orange/brown. He has a broader mouth and no nose. He is also seen wearing an orange garb with a belt. This means he is important in Sleestak culture (but in the 2009 film it is a sign of his guilt). He does have claws but they are small and rather blunt in comparison to those of the Sleestak. At the point in time Enik comes from, the Sleestak call themselves Altrusians.


About EnikEdit

Enik is an ancestor of Sleestak. He can speak English and thus understand the Marshalls. He is also loving, unlike his Sleestak descendants. As Enik was trying to figure out a way to get back to his time, He came to the conclusion that he had to kill Rick in order to get back home. He was wrong, but the friendship between them didn't change. Later in the time during the Purge of the Lost City, Enik offered Rick a chance to be Park Ranger for the Land of the Lost. Enik has not known it, but he has put Rick in a bind that the Sleestak, even him, can't understand. Enik is friend with the Marshalls. He has also come to the conclusion that the reason why he was brought to the Land of the Lost is because he was supposed to teach the new generation and make them more sophisticated.

2009 incarnationEdit


In the film, Enik is changed as well as the other characters; he is the primary antagonist, as he has committed the act of genocide against his people.

Enik was imprisoned for 10 millennia, but escaped their custody. He then murders the Zarn, dictator of the Land of the Lost, and takes control of the Sleestak army. Enik resides in the pylon were he controls the Sleestak with tachyon crystals. He manipulates Rick, Holly, and Will (who were not related in the movie) into finding the tachyon amplifier. Eventually Holly is captured for assisting Enik. Shortly after Rick and Will save her, they learn Enik's true intentions - to lead his Sleestak army across time and space. As Enik's plan nears completion, assistants from Grumpy, Rick, and Enik engage in an anti-climactic battle. The tachyon crystals suffer a glitch, cutting Enik off of Earth forever. Enik is last mentioned to lost control over the Sleestak as they chase him off and attack him.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Enik strictly speaking is not a Sleestak (though he is a relative).
  • In the 1974 TV series, Enik, while a bit hostile at first, wasn't a villain and often helped the Marshalls.

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