Jefferson Davis Collie III is an old, somewhat deranged Confederate artillery man who has been in the Land of the Lost for many decades.


Collie lived in the caves near where the river goes underground, obsessively mining the rich veins of light crystals there. His only companion is a cannon named "Sarah". With which Collie would drive away the occasional group of Sleestak attackers using home-made gunpowder; he once claimed that Sleestak "taste a whole lot like lobster. But then again, not like lobster, if you know what I mean." Otherwise, his diet seems to consist solely of fish and wild mushrooms.

The Marshall's encountered him when they attempt to ride the river out of the Land in the episode "Downstream", but he ultimately returned to his cave rather than face the Dinosaurs in the jungle outside.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Apparently, Collie is turned to stone by Medusa (see Native Inhabitants section below), appearing in her garden during the third-season episode "Medusa".
  • Collie was played by Walker Edmiston, the same actor who later played Enik the Altrusian.
  • The original script for "Downstream" called for him to have a rifle, but concerns over young viewers being inspired to play with firearms resulted in its substitution with a cannon.
  • The stone statue in Medusa's garden only vaguely resembled Collie as he appeared in "Downstream". The uniform was the same but the beard was gone. Holly, nonetheless, was unsettled as she appeared to recognize him and his cannon.

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