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Kona is a character from the Land of the Lost (1974 TV series).


Kona is a Yeti-like creature who had been trapped in the mountain by the Sleestaks, using a magical statue named the Guardian. One day, the Marshall's removed the statue without knowing what it was or what it was for, releasing Kona. That night, Kona went to The Lost City and attacked the Sleestaks, though Enik forced him to flee by using laser weapons.

The following day, Enik convinced the Marshall's to put the statue back in its place, however Kona arrived and broke the statue. He then attacked the Sleestaks again and destroyed several of their eggs.

Later, the Marshalls use the repaired statue to block Kona's entry in the mountain, making him unable to return in the Land of the Lost again.


  • Ancient Guardian

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