Land of the Lost
Location information

Very small, closed pocket universe that consists of a valley surrounded by mountains.


Rick Marshall, Will Marshall, Holly Marshall, Jack Marshall, Enik, The Zarn, Tom Porter, Kevin Porter, Annie Porter, Christa, Keela, The builder, William Blandings, Malak, Botts Pol, Siren, Peter Koenig and Harry Potts, Kona

Native life

Altrusian, Sleestak, Pakuni, Dinosaurs


Any traveler attempting to pass over the mountains of the Land will find themselves reentering the valley from the other side.

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The Land of the Lost is an alternate pocket dimension which despite being Earth-like seems to have its own dimensional rules. For example, the laws of distance work very different here. Using binoculars, Will Marshall discovered what seemed to be the next ridge was the same mountain ridge he was standing on as if the borders of the Land of the Lost are connected dimensionally to their opposite poles. The Land of the Lost may actually be a just a few acres in size, most of which has been explored by the Marshalls. It exists outside of the normal flow of time, and is filled with creatures from other times, including dinosaurs and a race of ape people called the Pakuni, possibly from bumping into the Earthly dimension at certain times. It is connected to Earth, and possibly other dimensions or planets, by way of several time portals, some of which appear to open randomly, and may be the reason for the various dinosaurs, and strange people who find themselves within the Land, including the Marshall family.

Climate and culturesEdit


The Land is covered by buildings known as Pylons. These Pylons hold many different functions. Some serving as time portals, others allow control over the flow of time, and the movements of the Sun and the Moon of the Land.  One location, where (according to the pattern the Marshalls noticed) where a Pylon should have sat, is revealed to be a trap door, which, when triggered, vanishes to drop anyone standing on it into a place where they float around a shining orb, which will eventually pull them in and adsorb them.  It is theorized that this orb may be the ultimate power source for the Land of the Lost.  At one time, Holly Marshall rappelled down a cave shaft, only to emerge into empty space, as if the Land of the Lost was merely a flat asteroid-like mass floating in empty space, except with one with its own atmosphere, ecology and seasonal cycles. It is unknown if there are other planets beyond he Land of the Lost.


The Altrusian ancestors of the Sleestak were known to have populated the Land well before they had developed their culture and technical knowledge to the point where they may have been able to create it.

There have been several era's of historical significance in the Land:



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  • According to David Gerrold, the Pylons were built by the Altrusians. Gerrold explained that the Altrusians built the entire Land and everything in it as a way-station intended to let travelers cross between various places. The time doorways are gateways which allow their users to cross into the Land on their way to their destination. The reason that travel through the time doorways is unpredictable, at best, is that the Land has fallen into disrepair in the time since it was built.