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Medusa is a humanoid creature who appeared in Season 3 of the Land of the Lost (1974 TV series), the episode of the same name.


Medusa is a native of the Land of the Lost. She seems to have lived in the area for some time, but it is unknown if she is a native or if she is from somewhere else. She broke a dam causing a boat Holly was on to wash away. She then transformed into a pretty woman and saved Holly Marshall.

She took Holly to her Garden of Eternity. There were many statues in the garden. There was also a statue of an old man who lived in the Sleestak caves that Holly saw once. When Holly saw the statue, she started to realize that something was not right about Medusa. She also found a statue that maybe of Spike the Triceratops.

Medusa wished to wait for the rest of the Marshall family to come and rescue Holly so that she could have more new statues but her Magic Mirror told her not to wait. Jack Marshall, Will Marshall and Cha-Ka soon came to rescue Holly. Jack instructed Will and Cha-ka to rescue Holly and that he would handle Medusa. Will, Chaka and Holly are stopped by Medusa's pets. The creatures fail in their efforts, and Medusa gets so angry she turns her own pets to stone allowing the gang to escape. Jack tricks her into looking into her own reflection and she turn herself to stone.


  • Shape shifting- Medusa can shape shift into woman and possibly into different things, but so far, she has only been seen as an attractive woman which was the only form she appeared. She can not turn people to stone while in a different form. When she wants to transform back to her true form, she crosses her arms and her face turns green with snakes as hair. Looking upon her in this form can transform her guests and victims to stone, but the full perimeters of this power are unrevealed.
  • Pets- Medusa's pets are plant vines who are trained to keep animals and people inside the garden. After letting the gang out, the plants were turned to stone by Medusa.
  • Mirror- Medusa's mirror image can control its self. It can move inside the mirror and talk to Medusa but Medusa only talks to it in her pretty woman form that way she will not turn herself to stone. Her mirror image told her to turn Holly to stone while Holly was wearing a pink robe. Medusa said no because the robe was her favorite and that it made her look beautiful. The mirror told her to ignore her vanity. The mirror also told her not to wait for Holly's family. Medusa did not listen. When Jack came he stole the mirror. Medusa was trying to find him when he held up the mirror and turned her to stone. Before she turned to stone the mirror made a remark about how Medusa never listened.



  • Medusa was played by actress Marian Thompson.
  • In Greek and Roman Mythology, Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, women who were so hideous that they turned men into stone. Medusa was slain by the Greek hero Perseus.

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