Mist Marsh
Location information

the Land of the Lost


The Zarn, Rick, Will


Most of the Mist Marsh is unexplored, and is very barren


Mist Marsh is a not quite a marsh. It is mainly rock and fog. There are a few dead trees every few feet. Zarn is crashed in the Mist Marsh. The Zarn's ship is also in the Mist Marsh. Most of the Mist Marsh is enexplored. There is rocks surronding the Mist Marsh.

The Areas in the Mist MarshEdit

There are three main areas in the Mist Marsh. One is the Outer Marsh. The Outer Marsh is the part of Mist Marsh that connects with the outer rock. Theother is the Inner marsh. The Inner marsh contains the Zarn's ship. The Ledge is the huge rock that is the ending point of the Mist Mrash. The Ledge was also the place that killed Fred the pet dinosaur.

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