Rick Marshall
Character information

Father of Holly and Will




Leaves the Land of the Lost before his son and daughter

Rick Marshall is the father of Will Marshall and Holly Marshall.


Rick was a park ranger in Indianapolis who took his children on a rafting trip on the Colorado River. A massive earthquake happened and the Marshalls got sent to the Land of the Lost through a time doorway. Rick Marshall is the oldest of the group, and is very wise about his decisions. He normally can figure out what to do and how to do it. Rick uses mirror necklaces to communicate when he is away from his children.

Rick often talked with Enik, giving advice and teaching him life lessons. Rick was very curious and liked to know about the things in the Land of the Lost so that he can be prepared to survive there. He experimented with the energy Crystals to see what combinations did, in hopes of one day managing to get back to his own time and space. He and Will would experiment with Pylons and they also make maps of the Land of the Lost.

Eventually, while was tinkering with a pylon and an earthquake happened opening a time door way sending him back home. The earthquake knocked over the crystal table and closed the doorway leaving Will and Holly alone.

2009 filmEdit

Dr. Marshall 09

Rick Marshall is a paleontologist and physicist, not a park ranger. He was portrayed by Will Ferrell.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Spencer Milligan's absence in the original series third season was explained by having Rick Marshall disappearing after he was trying to use one of the pylons to get home, and that Jack had stumbled upon his niece and nephew after he embarked on a search of his own to find them.