Spike was a Triceratops from the 1970's version of Land of the Lost (1974 TV series).

Spike is a native of the Land of the Lost, occupying grounds often infringed by Grumpy's hunting patterns. A territorial Ceratopsian, Spike often charges at times at the Marshalls, chasing them away and forcing them into hiding. He has great strength and is often challenged by Grumpy, once defeated with a bite to the side from which he recovered.

Spike was once affected by a gravity storm which caused him to weigh more and get knocked down many times. Not even Spike's great strength could push against the storm. Although the storm was bad, it saved the Marshalls life when Spike was about to charge and it knocked him down.


  • Gravity Storm


  • As a note, Spike is not to be confused with another Triceratops which was turned to stone by Medusa.
  • Spike is not to be confused with Spike the Stegosaurus from the 1990s series.

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