Spot was a Coelophysis that was usually seen browsing on vegetation with the other herbivores.

Spot bit once Grumpy once when he knew that Grumpy was trapped in a hole. Spot once ran straight into a tar pit while being chased by the Pakuni. Dopey tried to help free him but fell in himself. Spot then was able to escape by stepping on the rubble that fell in when Dopey did. He did not come back to help Dopey.

On several occasions, Grumpy tried to run him down, but the predator's lack of speed usually allowed the smaller Dinosaur to escape with moderate ease.

However, Spot was too slow on one occasion and was killed when Grumpy snapped his spine in one bite, much to Holly Marshall's dismay. Rick Marshall tried to comfort her by commenting on the number of other "Spots". This was of little reassurance to his daughter.

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