Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date November 23, 1991
Episode Guide
Heat Wave
Power Play

In The Thief, the Porter family plans a surprise birthday party for Christa.


In order to impress Christa, Kevin plans to make her a necklace. He steals several gems from a pterodactyl nest near a mountaintop.

When the treehouse is ransacked, and the gems turn up missing, Kevin blames Stink, who had shown an interest in the jewels. Although Stink maintains his innocence, Kevin is cruel to him, and calls him a thief.

In time, the real culprit is identified: the pterodactyl.

When Kevin ends up trapped in the flying dinosaur's nest, it's Stink who comes and rescues him. Later Kevin is repentant about his behavior toward Stink.



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