The Zarn is an alien energy being trapped in the Land of the Lost with the Marshalls.


The Zarn takes the appearance of a humanoid form composed of energy and filled with flickering lights.


The Zarn is reportedly an extra-terrestrial being whose spacecraft crashed beyond the Lost City, but whether he originates from a planet in the cosmology of the Land of the Lost or one in the Earthly dimension is unrevealed. He is highly intelligent with an advanced IQ to the point his personality is highly arrogant and egotistical, believing he is superior to humans, often mocking and tormenting the Marshalls in all of their encounters.

The Zarn is also empathic with his one weakness being negative emotions around him, such as anger and hostility. Whenever he is in his weakened state, his spots turn red. Pity can cause him to recoil and malfunction. He is intelligent enough to create advanced devices, such as a ten-foot tall robot named "Fred" that resembles a Dinosaur with a beak and no arms. Fred is destroyed when Rick Marshall and Will Marshall lure him up a mountain during a thunderstorm.

2009 VersionEdit

Zarn 2009

In the 2009 film the Zarn was portrayed as a red transparent Sleestak/Altrusian-like creature who was miss-portrayed as a dictator in the Land of the Lost by the renegade Enik. Enik eventually killed the Altrusian Zarn and took control over an army of Sleestaks. Just before the Zarn died, he left a message to whoever entered the Land of the Lost to warn them of Enik's actions and intentions.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The roles of ally and antagonist were reversed with Zarn and Enik, the Zarn who had been an antagonist in the 1974 series becoming a heroic character in the film. Thus Enik became a villain in the film instead.
  • In addition, the Zarn wasn't a Sleestak in the original 1974 TV series. The Zarn being from a completely different alien race from beyond the Land.

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