Torchy tail

Torchy is a Dimetrodon. He appears in the episode "Cornered". He has the ability to breathe fire. Torchy is possibly brought to the surface when the earthquake happened, along with Lulu. Jack Marshall and Will Marshall see him in the lost city. He chases away Big Alice and starts breathing fire on the Sleestaks. Will runs up to him from behind, trying to run him off but gets knocked down by Torchy's tail. The tail poisons Will, and if he falls asleep, he will remain asleep until the end of time.

Enik offers an antidote but only if the Marshalls draw Torchy out of the valley because he's been blowing fire into the Sleestak's cave. Holly Marshall and Cha-Ka build a giant mirror and set it up in front of a canyon. Jack finds Torchy eating coal(which supplies his ability to breathe fire) and lures Torchy to the mirror. Torchy looks in the mirror and charges at it thinking it is another Dimetrodon. When he crashes through the mirror, Jack, Cha-Ka, and Holly catapult a rock into the canyon, trapping Torchy. Enik then tells them to let Will rest and the poison will drain out. The Marshalls are upset because that's what they were doing all along and Enik had tricked them. Torchy later knocks over the rocks that are trapping him and returns to live in the valley.


  • Real Dimetrodons did not posses the ability to breathe fire. Why Torchy was given this ability is unknown.