William Blandings is a mysterious figure who appears to the Marshalls as a pudgy, balding man in his late 40s with a British accent.


Blandings claims to be a "repairman" for the sun (although probably just the Sun Pylon) and carries an umbrella and a valise with him. Although apparently human, Blandings displays considerable - nearly clairvoyant - knowledge about both the Marshalls and the Land of the Lost and the implements he carries with him are anything but ordinary.

His umbrella acts something like an air conditioner keeping himself and Jack Marshall cool during the sweltering heat of increasing solar flare activity. Much like the pylons, his valise appears extra-dimensional in nature and from it Blandings can produce anything he wants. He also carries an amulet which produces a force-field which he uses to repel the Sleestak. Although a formidable being, Blandings offers hints that he was sent by and actually serves a higher power.


  • Repairman

Notes and TriviaEdit

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